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E-jooce are an electronic cigarette supplier based in Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire. Quick and easy approach to ordering quality e-cigarette products and UK e-liquids.
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E-cigarettes are certainly getting more and more popular with the smoking community not only in the UK but worldwide. It has also been reported to have had effective results in helping smokers cut back or kick the habit completely. E-Jooce, electronic cigarettes, Stoke on Trent stock a full range of e-cigerette products and serve the whole of the UK and the local Potteries area.

We offer the most authentic looking electronic cigarette available on the market today, alongside the more familiar vaping units allowing longer charge and fill times. Our range of high quality UK produced e-liquids, spares and accessories to satisfy all of your vaping needs realistically. 

The vapour is produced by a battery operated atomiser/cartridge (cartomiser) which heats the e-liquid as it is inhaled by the user. The e-liquid which is also known as e-juice can be purchased in various flavours and nicotine strengths to cleverly mimmick a regular cigarette. 

E-jooce Stoke on Trent stock both a premium and value range of e-liquids from which are batch tested both in house and by approved testing facilities ensuring the purest flavoursome e-liquids.
Simply choose your favourite e-liquid, fill the tank and vape! We are proud to stock a range of products from approved ECITA suppliers, ensuring only original quality products are sourced.

Vaping is the natural choice and cheaper alternative to smoking, offering all the benefits minus the health risks attached to smoking. Vaping also fully simulates smoking and can satisfy much more than the current alternative products available on the market today such as inhalers, by cleverly mimicking a regular cigarette with its “smoke like” vapour alongside flavour, taste and nicotine content. Switch to an e-cigarette now and start saving from day one with e-jooce (Stoke).

Because E-Cigarettes only emit vapour, they are not classed as tobacco products, therefore they do not come under the current smoking ban meaning they can legally be smoked in premises and is therefore down to individual establishments to allow the use of such products.

The Smokers Halo | Diamond Mist | Liquid Core |  from e-jooce Stoke on Trent Staffordshire UK.

Just look at all the benefits waiting when you start vaping:

• NO Tobacco
• NO Carcinogens
• NO Tar
• NO Carbon monoxide
• NO Smoke
• NO Smells
• NO Ash
• NO Butts

Quality products competitively priced

Vaping...the natural
choice to smoking!

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